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Welcome to Coach Julian Milwaukee baseball clubs web page. Servicing St Augustine Prep High school baseball team, Criollos Travel program, and Next Step Baseball Training Camps.

Coach Haliga started Milwaukee Baseball club, also known as Milwaukee Southsiders, in Jan 2010, for the purpose of winning district all Start for Felix Mantilla little league. In 2012 Coach Haliga and his Juniors All-Star team won the District flag for the 1st time.  In 2013 they repeated and won the State Championship as well. Since 2015 Julian has been the lead instructor in the Milwaukee Criollos baseball program.

In 2015 Coach Haliga landed his first role as head coach for the Co-OP between Madison, Milwaukee School of Languages and Marshall High Schools.  In 2018 Coach Haliga became head coach at St. Augustine Prep in which he was tasked with starting a baseball program for the school.

2019 we have created a new division to our program to begin working to provide baseball training for non-travel and prospect travel players. This training will be housed at St Augustine Prep High school amazing facilities.

Our mission throughout the baseball camps is to help young players develop solid fundamentals and learn proper techniques at a young age. We provide young players with a unique opportunity to take their game to the next level with this camp designed to develop skills in all facets of the game.

Players of all ability levels will be challenged with specific skill instruction and drill work throughout our camps. Drill progressions will be focused on developing good habits while improving overall baseball skills. Each week we will be covering the skills of pitching, hitting, catching, fielding, and base running.



Let’s GO

Life is best when you take it one pitch at a time



Baseball Builds Character. 


Baseball teaches all to be flexible and persistent.


Baseball teaches teamwork and thinking of others.


Baseball teaches children to win with class and lose with dignity.


Baseball teaches children how to overcome adversity.